Explore the vast kingdom of Hyrule

Hyrule is filled with beautiful—and often deadly—landscapes to explore. Here are just a few places you'll visit on your quest to restore light to the kingdom.

Hyrule castle

Located next to the bustling Hyrule Castle Town, Hyrule Castle is the regal home of the Royal Family of Hyrule.

Snowpeak Ruins

One of the most challenging places to traverse, this old, ice-covered mansion, filled with crumbling antiques and other ornate reminders of its majestic past, is now home to a kind Yeti couple.

Temple of Time

A mysterious, ancient temple deep in the Faron Woods which may have once housed the legendary Master Sword.

Forest Temple

Filled with dangerous plants and wildlife, this temple appears to be housed inside a massive tree.

City in the Sky

A huge, wind-powered civilization in the sky that is home to the mysterious Ooccoo. It is rumored that the creatures who created the City in the Sky also created the Hylians. Impossible to access from land, it would take quite a boost to reach this city in the clouds.

It's dangerous to go alone

Surviving the dungeons of Hyrule can be a challenge even for the most experienced adventurer. Here are some quick tips to keep you alive!

Tools of the trade

An adventurer can never have too many tools. Luckily, you'll find plenty of them on your journey.

  • Gale Boomerang


    A combination gear and top, the Spinner lets you float over surfaces, activate certain machines, and can stun enemies.

  • Gale Boomerang

    Ball and Chain

    It may slow you down a bit, but the Ball and Chain packs a mighty punch.

  • Gale Boomerang

    Dominion Rod

    Bring certain items to life and have them follow you.

  • Gale Boomerang

    Magic Armor

    This armor will make you invincible, but it's power eats up your rupees. When your rupees run out, so does the invincibility.

  • Hero's Bow

    Hero's Bow

    Fire at distant enemies or activate faraway switches.

  • Gale Boomerang

    Water Bomb

    Damage enemies with an explosion, or open holes in walls, even under water.

  • Gale Boomerang

    Gale Boomerang

    Throw the boomerang to whip up a wind that can stun distant enemies, carry objects, and more.

6th sense

When in canine form, press left or right on the GamePad to activate your heightened senses, allowing you to locate hidden paths and enemies that human Link can't see.

Hidden skills

You can discover seven hidden skills during your journey by visiting Howling Stones and locating a golden wolf, who will transform into Hero's Shade, a soldier with a mysterious past who trains you.

  • First Skill: Ending Blow

    Finish off your foe with this fearsome blow.

  • Second Skill: Shield Attack

    Stun enemies and knock back projectiles.

  • Third Skill: Back Slice

    Sneak behind armored foes and attack.

  • Fourth Skill: Helm Splitter

    Pierce enemies' defenses with this one-two wallop.

  • Fifth Skill: Mortal Draw

    A risky but lethal surprise attack.

  • Sixth Skill: Jump Strike

    A high-flying spin attack to take out a group.

  • Seventh Skill: Great Spin

    A much more powerful version of a spin attack.

Ride like the wind

Hyrule may be vast, but you'll be able to cover ground quickly on the back of your trusty steed, Epona. You can even attack while on horseback.