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A princess in distress...

A kingdom in peril...a fashion emergency?! Team up with two other heroes to save the world of Hytopia from a witch's evil fashion curse.

King character art

For the first time, you can stack three Links into a totem to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. And don’t forget to pick the perfect outfit—each one gives you a different boost or ability.


Dress For Success

You can't defeat evil with good looks alone…but they sure help. Don the right clothes when you head into the Drablands to give yourself a boost or extra defense.

Links trying on different outfits

The Right Stuff

You'll need to collect the right materials (and a few Rupees) before Madame Couture can whip up your outfit. Luckily, you can see which materials you'll need in Madame's clothing catalog.

Didn't get a certain material the first time through a dungeon? You can always replay it or talk to the salesman in town.

You've Never Seen Link Like This

Try a few outfits on for size!
Expand your catalog—and your closet—as you play the game.

Explore Far and Wide

Your adventure will take you from fiery volcanoes to icy caverns and beyond, with eight expansive areas to explore—each with four big dungeons.

Links looking at map in a forest

Forest Temple

Stone Frame Forest Temple in game scene

Fire Temple

Stone Frame Fire Temple in game scene

Snowball Ravine

Stone Frame Snowball Ravine in game scene Shadow

An Item For Every Purpose

Within each dungeon, you'll pick up the items that you'll need to solve its mysteries.

Sometimes all three Links will have the same one, but other times you'll have to use different items strategically. Wield these magical tools well!

  • Water Rod

    Summon pillars of water.

  • Fire Glove

    Throw fireballs and melt ice.

  • Gust Jar

    Blow away enemies with puffs of air.

Drablands Challenges

You can replay dungeons at any time. But once you've completed all four dungeons in an area, you can add a twist to your replays. Choose a Drablands Challenge when you're entering the level with friends or solo and see what you can do!


Three Links are better than one

It's dangerous to venture into the Drablands, a world packed with enemies and unexpected obstacles. Luckily, you've got the combined power of three heroic Links!

Cooperation is key. All three Links share the same heart gauge, so it pays to help each other. How you work together to clear each dungeon and reap the rewards is part of the puzzle!

Stack 'em up

Need a boost? Stack up the Links in a 2- or 3-hero totem to get to higher ground or reach a boss's weak spot. Use the totem and your wits to get through multi-level puzzles. When in doubt, try a totem!

Stay in sync! Tap the icons on the touchscreen to send messages to the other Links.

Ways to play

There are several ways to enjoy the game, whether you're playing with friends or going solo.

Three-player options

Stone Frame Local wireless gameplay

Local Wireless

Connect with two other players who have their own systems and games.

Pro tip: When you play via local wireless or download play, you earn Friendly Tokens. These can be used to create exclusive costumes.

Stone Frame Download play gameplay

Download Play

Connect with up to two other players with their own systems. Just one game is needed for all three to play.

Shadow Stone Frame Online gameplay


Go online via Wi-fi to team up with people from your Friends List or other players around the world.


You can also play the game solo, using two doll-like Doppels to fill in for the other Links. You'll control each hero at a time to go through the dungeons.

Shadow Stone Frame Single player gameplay

Coliseum mode

(2-3 players)

Head to the Coliseum to clash blades with one or two other Links. Survive with the most hearts and you might even earn materials you won't find elsewhere.

Shadow Stone Frame Coliseum mode gameplay

Free update available 12/2

Get new challenges (and outfits!) with this free game update.
Download the software update to get started.

New area:
Den of Trials

Tackle more than 30 new stages. You must defeat every enemy in a stage in order to move on, so get ready for a challenge!

Den of Trials

Stone Frame Den of Trials in game scene

Flooded Zone

Stone Frame Flooded Zone in game scene Shadow

Forest Zone

Stone Frame Forest Zone in game scene Shadow
Linebeck's Uniform

Linebeck's Uniform

Fierce Deity Armor

Fierce Deity Armor

New outfits

Linebeck's Uniform: Lets you see inside treasure chests before you open them.

Fierce Deity Armor: Shoots beams in four directions.

For full update details, visit support.


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