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To Termina

What's behind these masks?

They're more than mere disguises

Masks are essential to your quest in Termina. They can give you one special ability or transform you into a completely different character with a host of super powers.


Deku Mask

Your first major transformation will turn you into a Deku Scrub: a leafy green adventurer that can use Spin Attacks, shoot bubbles, fly with Deku Flowers, and even hop across water.

As I am, I can only watch as Goron Village is slowly buried in ice... I may have died, but I cannot rest.
Darmani the Third, proud Goron Hero

Goron Mask

Assume the mantle of a dead Goron hero, and morph into a hulking warrior with super strength and huge bombs. Use a little magic to wheel around Termina as a spiked juggernaut.

Zora Mask

Don the Zora Mask to swim into an underwater world of fishy intrigue and righteous tunes. You can't use your sword, but your hands (and fins) are registered weapons with Termina PD.

The only one among the Zora tribe who is still able to go to blows with those wild pirates... is you! The one with the blood of Zoran heroes flowing within you.
Evan, the Zora bandleader

Fierce Deity's Mask

It isn't easy to obtain, but this mask will give you a tremendous edge in battle, and much of that edge comes from the giant twisted blade you'll wield.

Other Masks of Termina