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To Termina

Bad moon falling

The world is ending—be punctual

Termina is locked in a three-day cycle of doom: sun, rain, apocalypse—repeat. Only the Hero of Time—that's you—can break this crazy routine by mending history one problem at a time: right wrongs, fix relationships, find treasures, fight evil, and more. Just be sure that you finish each job before that malevolent moon ruins everything.

Bombers' Notebook

The Bombers Secret Society of Justice will loan you an appointment book that tells you exactly when and where critical events will occur. If you set an alarm, the notebook will even remind you when something is about to happen.

Playing with time

Some songs can carry you back to another time. When you play them on a magical pear-shaped flute called an ocarina, they will literally take you back. They can also slow down time…or speed it up. You get the idea.

If you like, baby, we can forget the time and dance 'til dawn!
A stylin' scarecrow

You're still on the hook

Is all this "doomsday" stuff getting you down? Why not relax a bit down at one of the fishing holes in Termina? We'd say "old fishing holes," but they're brand new to the game.