Hyrule's Epic History

Princess Zelda

A regal heroine, targeted by Yuga.

Many generations later, the kingdom is at peace under the benevolent rule of Princess Zelda.

A nefarious wizard, bent on returning Hyrule to darkness.

Dark Wizardry
On an errand to deliver a sword from the blacksmith's shop, Link stumbles upon a magical attack. The sorcerer Yuga transforms a young girl—the descendant of a legendary sage—into a living painting, defeats Link, and vanishes.

A mysterious merchant, invested in link’s success.

Mysterious Benefactor
An oddly dressed stranger returns Link to his home and gives him a mystical bracelet that will prove invaluable in the adventure to come.
Princess Hilda

A beseiged ruler, trapped in the middle of Yuga's scheme.

A Stranger in Lorule
Granted the power of interdimensional travel and equipped with items rented from Ravio, Link must travel between Hyrule and the dark mirror world of Lorule.

The source of darkness, awaiting his return to power.

Its dungeons are treacherous, but they lead to an even more ominous confrontation.

Three Paths
to Adventure

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