Flat-out Amazing Gameplay

A Break From the Past

Everything that made previous Legend Of Zelda games great can be found in A Link Between Worlds, along with clever innovations that make it unlike anything that has come before it.

Wall Merging

Link’s most powerful tool in this 3D adventure is the ability to go 2D at critical moments. It adds a new dimension to the tricky dungeon puzzles that have been the hallmark of the series. Nowhere to stand? Just jump into the wall as a living painting and scoot around the corner to a safe ledge. Careful though—you can’t hang out on the wall as long as you’d like.

Slipping Through The Cracks

Merging with walls is handy trick for getting through dungeons and evading enemies, but its most important use might be inter-dimensional travel. Flatten yourself out to slip between the cracks that connect Hyrule and Lorule.

Weapons Rental

Any fan of the series knows that completing a dungeon often required specific items, and you needed to complete tasks in a certain order to get the items. Not anymore. All of the basic items you can equip are available at Ravio's Shop—you just have to pay for them. That gives you the freedom to explore the world and try out dungeons as you see fit.

Use 'em or Lose 'em

When you rent items from Ravio, there's a catch: you'll lose them if you get defeated in a dungeon. You do have the option to buy them later in the game, if you have the Rupees to spare.


An unassuming old man in Kakariko Village has a secret: a whole new form of gameplay that takes advantage of the Nintendo 3DS system's unique StreetPass capabilities.

Fighting in the Streets

Once you enable StreetPass, other players will appear in your game as Shadow Links. When you approach a Shadow Link, you can do battle with the character and reap rewards if you win.

Three Paths
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