The beautiful and mysterious Nabooru was a thief of the Gerudo, but she worked alone and never followed Ganondorf, whom she knew to be a wicked king. She also served as Sage to the Spirit Temple, and assisted Link greatly in his first struggle against the forces of evil.
Ocarina of Time

Nabooru, Town of

Nabooru is a small town in eastern Hyrule named after Nabooru, Sage to the Spirit Temple.
The Adventure of Link


Though no one has seen Navi for many years, she played a crucial role in Link's very first adventure. Navi used her network of fairy friends to provide Link with valuable information about enemies, areas and other items. If Link ever wandered off course, Navi would always make sure that he remained focused on the task at hand.
Ocarina of Time , Majora's Mask

Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom

Working with her two sisters, Nayru assisted in the creation of Hyrule at the beginning of time. She also contributed the Triforce of Wisdom to the Sacred Triforce.
Ocarina of Time

Nayru, Oracle of Ages

Named after the Goddess of Wisdom, Nayru served as the Oracle of Ages in Labrynna. She possessed the power to shift through the folds of time, and was known to have one of the most beautiful singing voices ever heard.
Oracle of Ages

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Nayru's Pearl

One of three pearls which Link placed inside statues on the Great Sea to access the Tower of the Gods.
Wind Waker

Nayru's Love

In addition to creating Hyrule and the Triforce of Wisdom, Nayru also forged a powerful spell called Nayru's Love which allows the spellcaster to surround himself with impenetrable shield. The fairies kept this spell secret for ages until they taught it to Link.
Ocarina of Time


During his adventure on Koholint Island, Link made the Fisherman very happy by giving him the Fishing Hook. In return, Link received the Necklace. Link made similar trades like this with many of the island's inhabitants, and in the end his kindness was rewarded with the Magnifying Glass.
Link's Awakening


Nejirons appear to be simple creatures, but they are in fact highly evolved hunting machines. They have adapted to resemble a rolling Goron, but instead of passing by peacefully, a Nejiron will charge ruthlessly into is victim.
Majora's Mask

New Kasuto Town

Forced to flee from their homes, a group of villagers from Kasuto fled east to establish a new town on Hyrule's eastern coast. This town was named New Kasuto to honor their previous home.
The Adventure of Link

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New Wave Bossa Nova

Link earned the right to learn this song by returning seven Zora Eggs to the Marine Research Lab in Termina. When played, its funky rhythm awakened the giant sleeping turtle. According to ancient scrolls, the New Wave Bossa Nova was played by pressing Left, Up, Left, Right, Down, Left, Right.
Majora's Mask

Nightmare Key

Nightmare Keys are well-hidden keys which are often used to unlock the lairs of dungeon guardians.
Link's Awakening

Noble Sword

Link upgraded his Wooden Sword into the Noble Sword while exploring Holodrum and Labrynna. The Noble Sword was much stronger than the Wooden Sword, but not nearly as powerful as the legendary Master Sword.
Oracle of Ages , Oracle of Seasons

Nocturne of Shadow

Link's mysterious ally Sheik taught him how to play this song after he had recovered four Spiritual Medallions in his first quest. When Link played it on the Ocarina, it would warp him directly to the entrance of the Shadow Temple. According to ancient scrolls, the Nocturne of Shadow was played by pressing Left, Right, Right, A, Left, Right, Down.
Ocarina of Time

North Palace

When Princess Zelda was cursed by Dark Link, she was safely stored within the walls of the North Palace.
The Adventure of Link

Northern Mountain

The Northern Mountain is a monstrous peak which lies north of Termina's Clock Town.
Majora's Mask

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