Frequently Asked Questions.

I'm stuck! Where do I go now?

No matter where you're stuck, our detailed walkthrough should solve your problems. Click here to check it out.

How can I find out how many Pendants/Crystals Link  has?

While in the overworld, press the Start Button to access the Items subscreen. The Pendants and Crystals found will be displayed on the right-side of the screen in the middle box. Any Pendants or Crystals which haven't been found yet will be gray in color.

I picked up a fish. What do I do with it?

Link can bring it to the man who sold him a Bottle to receive some Rupees, or Link can throw it back into the water for some extra Rupees.

I found Chris Houlihan. Who is he?

Chris Houlihan won one of Nintendo's contests. One of his prizes was getting his name in this game. The area that talks about him is a hidden area that isn't easy to find. In fact, there isn't a way to find Chris 100% of the time. To find him, save your game in the Light World, then press Reset. Start the game from the Sanctuary. Dash all the way to the bush that Link had to lift at the beginning of the game to enter the Hyrule Palace. When Link reaches the bush, Dash down the hole without Lifting the bush. If Link is fast enough, Link will appear in Chris Houlihan's room.

A demon cursed me. How do I get rid of the "1/2" symbol above my Magic Meter?

The "curse" actually allows Link to only use half as much magic as before (which is a good thing).

Where is a good place to build up Rupees?

Go to the Desert in the Light World. There is a cave under a rock next to the middle-aged man. Move the rock, enter the cave, lift the pots and leave. When you leave, the Rupees in the cave will reset. Here are the basic locations of chests which contain 300 Rupees:

Light World: South of Link's House.
Light World: In the Sanctuary (via the Graveyard).
Dark World: In the Village of Outcasts. Search the top-right house.
Dark World: In the Village of Outcasts. Search the Chicken Coop.
Dark World: South of the Bomb Shop.

I entered a room and all the doors are shut. How do I get out?

There are three possible solutions:

  1. Destroy all the enemies in the room.
  2. Find a floor switch to step on. Pick up either jars or skulls to find a floor switch. or look for a slightly raised section of floor. This may be a switch to open the doors.
  3. Pull on a wall lever to open a door.
Can I defeat Laser Turrets?

Laser Turrets, which are statues that shoot lasers, cannot be defeated. If Link is stuck in a room with a Laser Turret, Link will need to move a block to open any closed doors.

I've lost my sword. Where did it go?

Link probably left it with the Smithy brothers. Enter Kakariko Village after giving the Sword to the brothers for them to have time to forge a new one. For that time, Link will be without a sword.

How do I get back to the Dark World?

After Link defeats Agahnim in Hyrule Castle, entering the castle will take Link to the Dark World.

What do I do with the treasure chest following me?

Go to the Gossip Shop (Smithy's house in the Dark World) to find a treasure chest. In the Light World, take the chest to the man in the desert to get a Bottle.

Why can't I use the Magic Mirror?

If Link tries to use the Magic Mirror in the Light World Dark World Dark World and he gets sent back to the Dark World, move to a different location. The game will prevent Link from teleporting into a bush, rock, building, etc, and then getting stuck.

How do I get rid of the Goriyas (large rats) that mimic my movements?

Aim an Arrow to one side of the Goriya, then move the opposite direction so that the Goriya moves into the path of the Arrow.

I beat the game and a number was beneath my name. What is that number for?

It represents the number of times Link was defeated during your quest.

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